ANDINA LINK'2006 Central America




There are just a few days left before the 4th version of ANDINA LINK’2006 CENTRAL AMERICA, EL SALVADOR, show that will take place at the Hotel Radisson Plaza of San Salvador the 4th, 5th and 6th of September.

The curtain has not been raised and the orchestra has not started playing yet, but the organization is already so prepared, that the doors of the most important cable TV and technology trade show for Central America could open tomorrow.

This year ANDINA LINK has been developing new projects and ideas like a fabulous contest for cable operators, also educational WorkShops given by Aurora Networks, Arris, Sandvine and PCT, knowledgeable speakers, talking face to face with cable system owners, addressing important topics such as Triple Play and academic seminars that will cover the latest technological updates, digitalization, IPTV and fiber to the home.

The Commercial Exhibition has not stopped growing; 90% of the booths are already reserved and it seems that, by the time of the opening, the show will already have outgrown last year’s show by 15%. New exhibitors like The Body Channel, JBN, TV Colombia, Rayvert Technologies, HFC Net, Sun Channel, Telesystem de México, Sandvine, Transition Networks, CATV, Carvers, Xtel Cable, Telefé, FCN, Contelmed, JDSU Acterna, Main Stream, Telegracia y Report TV, occupy 35% of the already reserved booths, which will assure variety on the exhibition floor. Also coming back for a second, third and some forth time to the show: ABS Group Telecom, HBO, North American Cable, TV5, MVS, Caracol Internacional, ARCOM, PCT International, Maria Visión, Tal Technologies, Aurora Networks, Arcolab, Inresa, Satelites de Guatemala, Javaco, Cablenetwork, QCE, VSE, Raicom S.A., Videoswitch, Discovery Networks, Fox Latin America Channels, EWTN, Claxson, Disney & ESPN Media Networks, TVE, Turner, Pramer, Importaciones Carolina, Promptlink, Standard Communications, Pico MACOM, TyC Sports, NCM Supplies, Power & Telephone, Telesur, TVC, Internacional Cable, ARRIS, CPTV y PPC.     

Also companies registering from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela will assure visitors' diversity as well.

Authorities of the entire region are confirming their assistance to the political reunion organized by the SIGET and the Academic Coordination of the Television and Telecommunications Authorities Summit.

The Show is about to begin and ANDINA LINK prepares itself to do what ANDINA LINK does best: be the ideal space for business, education and analysis of the future of the industry.




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