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Andina Link Virtual Exhibit Hall

Virtual Exhibition
ANDINA LINK can give you a perfect platform to highlight your company profile in Latin America. by helping you to meet your objectives, whether they are to:
Enter New Markets (12 Latin American Coutries)
Build brand awareness
Generate new business
Launch new products

ANDINA LINK VIRTUAL TRADESHOW is a virtual marketplace in which visitors gather information about products and services from exhibitors within a dynamic environment..
Becoming a virtual exhibitor is simple, inexpensive and guarantees Latin American targeted exposure for your company. Exhibit all year long with virtual booth space. In return for investment in a virtual booth, exhibitors receive their own area of the site which offers their products as well as disseminates product and contact information.
1. Meet thousands of potential customers
2. Enhance and expand relationships with existing customers
3. Maximize your marketing dollars
4. Introduce or test market new products
5. Network with top industry decision-makers
6. Reach a ready-to-buy audience
7. Give continued and extended exposure to the Products and Services
8. Latin American targeted exposure at a fraction of the cost of a physical trade show.
9. The same promotional elements used within a physical tradeshow—printable brochures, catalogs, illustrations, multimedia presentations, video, documents.
10. An exhibit architect assigned to create the virtual booth. The exhibitor provides the designer with the graphics and information required to build the booth. If directed by the client, the designer will pull graphics and information from the client's Web site.
11. 24-hour access from anywhere
12. ANDINA LINK will place your organization into immediate contact with a global mix of potential clients in Latin America
13. Gather useful marketing information.

Why become a virtual exhibitor?

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