Andina Link'2006 - Versión XII - 12 años uniendo a Latinoamérica con el mundo

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LATIN SCREENS 2006 is the most important annual meeting for the TV and FILM Production industry. Be a part of the commercial exhibition and promote, sell, exchange all your services and products with key professionals in the industry. Create alliances for Co-productions with other companies form al over Latin America and the world. Attend technical conferences and acquire knowledge that will help you understand and learn international production parameters to be able to compete in international markets.

Be part of the LATINSCREENS and the development of this great industry; all within the frame of ANDINA LINK 2006 - FEBRUARY 20 - 22 CARTAGENA-COLOMBIA /C.C. CONVENTION CENTER.


Right now there is a huge demand of television content in the world. This huge demand is not being covered, even though Latin America has a big potential of doing so. We do not realize the formats and parameters that need to be fallowed in order to have productions that can compete with others internationally. We know that Latin America has the potential to supply the contents that the industry needs, but we know that we need education and guidance to be able to do so. That is the reason why the LATINSCREENS were created. The LATINSCREENS will be a space for the industry to educate themselves, learn form the experiences form others, create strategic alliance to develop new projects and understand what the buyers are looking for whenever the buy productions.
This space was also created for:

  • To strengthen and to facilitate the mechanisms and marketing of the audiovisual production.
  • Help Latin American production become a wealthy industry and a product for world consumption.
To have a space were the industry can meet, creating conscience within all the organizations that promote culture, creating conscience within the organizations that help with the exports in each of our countries to motivate and help the exportation of productions. To have all the film and TV associations working towards the same goal; to strengthen and stimulate the production industry and all the additional services that this industry carries for and in Latin America.

  • To facilitate a space for the buying and selling of production and contents.
  • To motivate co-production alliances, strategies of commercialization.
  • To provide information and training in the development and technical specializations of the industry.
  • To teach producers key strategies and methods to help them with the accomplishment of big projects, achieving eventually the development of the market and their professionals.
  • To teach to produce in the formats and standards that the world market consumes.
  • Institutionalize at least once a year, a space that gathers all the Audiovisual Latin American industry. 


  • Improve the quality standards of the material produced in Latin America; you don’t have to feel in disadvantage with other productions from all over the world.
  • Training
  • Co-production Aliances
  • Build relationship within industry professionals, both producers and buyers of different nationalities. Get the feedback necessary to improve and develop new projects within the industry standards to be able to have profitable productions that will guarantee your investment back.
  • Join forces with other Latin American Countries and become a strong player within the industry of production and content in the world. Latin America can be a protagonist in all the international fairs all over the world if it creates a strong promotional force.
  • Make the LATINSCREENS your appointment with the industry and help it grow year by year. It will become stronger and bigger every time with more visitors and buyers.
  • Be a part of the development of the Latin American production and help it become finally a profitable industry for all.

The LATINSCREENS will allow you to:

  • To meet with the professionals of the film and television programming of the whole world.
  • To establish new contacts.
  • To organize international co-productions.
  • To help you learn how to look for funding.
  • To have a space to buy and to sell contents and audiovisual productions.
  • To know and understand the productions requirements of the industry.
  • To join forces with other countries, in the different areas of the industry, allowing the developing of a natural market for productions buyers and sellers. 

The exhibition space will be divided by countries. You can have a space within your country exhibition area just by requesting us more information.
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